Life is funny.
Quirky funny.

All this talk about reality being an illusion never made sense to me, until lately.

There’s a Buddhist version of the story of Adam and Eve about a man in an empty room—empty, except for an incredibly beautiful piece of sculpture. He spends all his free time in the room because the sculpture gives him profound pleasure and joy. One day, he thinks maybe if he had another sculpture he’d be even happier. So he buys another beautiful piece of sculpture and puts it in the room and it does make him happier…for awhile. So, he gets another one, thinking it will make him at least as happy as he was before. That worked too—for awhile. To make a long parable short, the room eventually became so crowded with exquisite and beautiful art that the man couldn’t experience the beauty of any one piece due to the distraction and clutter of the others. Eventually, he throws out all but the original and

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